December 01, 2005


The treasure found under the couch after we moved it was like a haiku about this house, or lyrics to an Animal Collective song:

Two mysterious* xanax, one chewed by a mouse
Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends - on cassette
Time magazine, July 20, 1981-- Sandra Day O'Connor nomination on the cover
The Rub's "It's the motherfucking remix" CD, broken in half
a heart-shaped bar of soap
a package of 40 sewing needles
a neon green feather

(*the nature of xanax themselves, if my recollection serves, is not by anymeans mysterious. Rather, the mystery is where they came from. Maybe 40 people have slept on our coouch in the last 23 months, and maybe three of those people would not have been 'scripted or popping that sort of thing)

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