November 29, 2005


Not to be all, self interested, but if you are one of the two dozen people from a spate of liberal arts colleges on the East Coast that googled my name or the emo is sexist article in the last 24 hours, can you drop me a line and explain why? Totes curious. Point me to the ILM hateration or whatever is feeding the mcflurry.

Theres other stuff I meant to tell you. Big important stuff. Things that felt meaningful during the 47 minutes I spent in line at Home Depot today; but while Matt was edging a brush around the trim of my pink office (not a metaphor) I fell asleep in a pile, on the hardwood floor, right there and the fumes got up into my noggin and kicked out the clear thought. Plus, now there is pink paint smudges on my (livin' better now)/ faux Gucci sweatshirt (now), which is unflossy and matching, fully, the shitacular haircut I gave myself. I paid someone the equivalent cost of 4 cans of latex paint to cut my hair and the gave me a haircut that was much too..Peaches roadie... and so I hacked it off with pinking shears. I never leave the house any more anyways, so I'm not sweating the "appalachian farm boy c. 1937" I am now rocking. I have thing I want to tell you, stuff that has to do with the cultural constructs of marriage, the awe-zummmm new Sir Alice record, ghosts, musedom and the propriety of only commenting on songs and albums about me for my P&J ballot, cancelling my free subscription to BUST, the Talib Kweli mixtape, but the paint fumes killed all cogent thought .

And Still! Week five and my dreaming and waking life is haunted by Suicide Girl and now I wake up from tragicomic nightmares pondering the cultural and economic impact of 800+ SG punk-models all waxing their assholes. Black Flag says it right: "Damaged by you/ damaged by me/ i'm confused/ confused/ don't wanna be confused/ stupid attempts/ no conclusions." Story is done tomorrow, supposedly, we rewrite the ending and ouila, we out. Every day, a new draft, every day, closer! I keep telling Julianne we gotta dream big but she says she kinda doubts that the Pulitzer committee is really giving daps to SPIN these days, but, me, I ain't ruling it out.

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