November 28, 2005


Cali, my dear friend and man behind the life blog, Teenage Teardrops/I Wish God Were Alive To See This has lodged a formal complaint, with me, for not updating the bloggerstein. I said "Dude. It's priori-zillion right now. I got other dilemmas. I have this story to edit, with Julianne. I have to find another word for "avanteur", right now, cos our editor busted me for using a word last in common use during Chaucer's time.(which is what you get for reading too much Rick Moody). Gotta go! Peace!" so I am hoping, you, too, will gimme a pass til I reconoiter, finish moving, finish writing about Patty Waters and Patti Smith, finish figuring out how to better describe "Fiona Apple's mood" and having extended discussions with Matt about the difference between eggshell-finish and matte-finish paints. Seriously, if I blogged this shit now, you'd log off and go hang yrself with yr American Apparel dog hoodie it's so "dull". (I want you to live! Don't Do It!) Go email Britt and ask her to blog about me and my mom visting her in the hospital and my mom bringing her a promotional bottle of Antonio Banderas lotion for women, a far better story.

w/b, ttfn,


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