November 26, 2005


It just sounds a certain way. It conjurs a certain adherance to American Adult Idea and The Right Way and a exacting sort of Intersection of Conubial and Aesthetic. And I just refuse it, you know, on principal. But, the fact of the matter is, I spent the afternoon fussing over what color to paint the walls and cielings of our new apartment. We are moving into a nice apartment, together, even, in a safe neighboorhood and it's my first place that is not punk hovel. (It is as big as my last "big" apartment, which Teeter and Emily and I could only afford because we got a discount on it because the previous tenant had been murdered in the living room after a drug deal went "wrong"--and the "wrong" end of the hammer was implemented as a weapon and the blood still flecked the living room floor, perma-preserved under the new coats of polyurethane.) It seems very grown up. Living with the man I love in some place that is kill-free --and not a single sink in it has duct tape on the drain! I am totes into it.

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