November 22, 2005


"Imagine what it will feel like when we are done with this.
It'll be like that slow motion running scene in the Chili Peppers "Under The Bridge" where topless Anthony Keidis is running majestically right at us. Finishing will be like Anthony Keidis has arrived and has put on a shirt. Thats what it will feel like.

I wrote this to J Shep, in regards to the story that we are finishing tonight, the story that has eaten the last three or four weeks, the story that gave me a $400 cell phone bill, the story that had me and J Shep on the phone for almost four hours since 8:42am CST. Props-zillion to my woman friend, my pal J Shep, who is a great reporter and writer, deserves some special chocolate dog sculpture and/or spa-day just for having the patience to deal with my interupting but but buts. Secondary and similar props to my boyf, who for the last two days has brought me food, so that I can tend to my writing and interviewing schedule. He too, should get a chocolate dog sculpture.

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