November 20, 2005


I know, three weeks ago i wrote that i would post my 90 min convo with Dov Charney, owner of American Apparel, here on TLG, for all to read, but I am not going to, at least not yet. Keep yr huff and curiosity on hold--I am not going to post anything until I get a chance to full check out all sides of all stories, likely in the form of some investigative report. I will issue it either here, or more likely, in the pages of some publication in due time. In the interim, shop however you feel is most concionable. Or, best yet, make things yrself from things you buy at a charity-resale thrift, or really meditate on yr purchases and their life cycle and why dog-hoodies exist, or why you do not "have the time" to make a simple patterned thong or t-shirt or cornbread or a grime anthem or stain remover. Beware--once you start thinking, it'll fuck you up, but in the long term, it makes it easier. It kind of, initially, feels like yr abstaining from the funn of American E-Z, entitlement and freedom in spending, abandon in purchasing, depth and security in ownership--alla that--the petit mort of all consuming consumption, but then, seriously, once you get the hang of it, asking the questions about yr own want, the REAL and honest means of how the food/clothing/Dipset CD/Windex/Geritol Complete/signed foto of Ann Coulter/etc got in your hands, you will find great relief under it.

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