November 18, 2005


Oh man, I love Robin . Eating salads in the movies is an idea whose time has come. I also love Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, my great writing friend; her and I are making a great reportage about an important topic and now spend 4 hours a day on the phone instead of just 1. J Shep is a wizard of improved and improbable solutions; we do these interviews for the story together, and she has the thing to tape record the interviews with her at all times just in case, and the other day, she stopped her visit to the Met so we could interview this Federal Prosecutor Dude on the tele, and where she was was loud, so she put her head in her tote bag for quietness and phone integrity. In public. Head in tote, questions like lightening--- UNSTOPPABLE. I wonder if anyone walking by would have guessed she was on the phone with the federales? I doubt it!

PS, kids and adults. I saw Milemarker tonight, with the double drummers, double guitar and fucking violin and everything, addition of Remus and his sister singing together with Al and Dave's newfound ANGRY SOLOS ANGRY ANGRY WEEDLY SOLOS. It made me want to get some sort of pinprick blood pact going, some ritual to bind me to the awesomeness. I get the feeling, this Milemarker big band, is just in it's infancy. I think it's going to become one big crushing blow--right now, it's just like getting socked in the gut. By the end of this tour, as it clots and congeals, it'll be like... getting toothless via skinhead beating kind of pummel. You know? tour dates are NOW.

Also too: this weeks Reader has some funny letters in responce to my Animal Collective/Bell orchestre splay, one of which I think is from the horn player in BO's dad. OUTRAGED FRENCH CANADIAN PARENTS UNITE!

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