November 11, 2005


It's funny when you get caught on film being a cliche of yourself. I was not being confrontational, I was just asking how she liked her job with the softcore site. Working on the story that J Shep and I are working on involves spending a decent chunk of time on ye olde internet porn sites, and it's impacting my dream life with bad metaphor--I dreamt last night I was a Suicide Girl, but in place of breasts, I had long flappy basset hound ears, and I had to pose artfully and origami them into boob shapes to disguise the ears.

Also, I linked to it before, but I spoke with her today, and you should send Britt a get well card or a drawing, as she will be in the hospital for another week or so: BBL, PO Box 16101, St. Paul, MN 55116. Being sick is bad enough, being in the hospital is terrible and boring and yr surrounded by virulent germ strains. The girl is resting up and doing math puzzles 29 hours a day holler at her. Doesn't matter if you know her, if you have read her blog twice--you should drop her a note.

And a quote for today, courtesy of Bruce Adams, Kranky honcho, discussing the trend of hirsuteness brought on by the popularity freak folk --"And with all due respect to "New Beard America" a close, comfortable shave is the second best thing a man can do to and for himself."

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