November 10, 2005


I'm sick. Here is a conglom of links and notes in leiu of ideas, or self referential posey (active-tense of "poser").

Clash songs en francais? In case you missed it -- Joshua Clover's overview of the riots in france .

My oldest and best lady pal, she of the Hookers on Stilts, Britt Barton Lindsay, is in the hopsy. Send well wishes or a card .

This is my first week of music helping for This American Life . The main story this week is about the holocaust. If you hear a rocksteady version of a Bread song, that's totally JR's handywork though.

Hit it or Quit it has been picked up for distribution to stores and newsstands by Ubiquity. Tell yr zine store, or magazine stoickists. Ubiquity also supplies mags to Whole Foods, so maybe once we stop uh, putting the words "feminist", "shit" and "fuck" on the cover in 32 pt bold type, you'll find us in the check out sadwiched 'tween Third World Suffering, Travel and Recipies Monthly and Dr. Phil's Vagina-Advice Journal .

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