November 09, 2005


A man previously unknown to me called at just shy of 1 am, and identified himself by his name, and then his professional reknown, 'the rock n' roll chef (pause)". I had left a note on japanese girl paper, in his mailbox. I had a question for a story we are working on, and I needed an answer, and the answer came from him. It's about his basement, and it's very simple: Is it livable? Is it nice?

"Of course it's nice! I am in it right now. It's not a basement-- it's a bottom floor. We're remodeling the upstairs. To say it is not nice is tomfoooolery! Who told you that?! It's very nice. It has tiles and in the other room, I make chocolates. You know, just chocolates for friends. Who said it's not nice?! If you want to come over and see it, you should just come over right now. I have bonfires on the porch, no one complains."

The chocolate making rock chef invited me to the not-creepy non-basement of his childhood home after midnight, to verify it's tiles. I took a raincheck.

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