November 08, 2005


Tonight, I realized as the lights went down in theatre 5 of the Arclight, that in 14 years of knowing each other, Cali and I have never been to the movies together. Somehow, this is a more shocking revelation than the story Cali told about the time he walked from Fairfax and Beverly to MacArthur Park to cop drugs with the last $22 he had, and since it took him so long to get there, it was well past dope-availability time, and so he bought a $20 bag of coke and a $2 syringe from a guy in Dunkin Donuts and cooked it up using water from the lake in the park .Who shoots MacArthur Park Lake and lives to tell the tale, laughing and sober, years later? The lake, which, has been scientifically proven to be 75% piss, 11% junkie vomit, 8% duck shit , 4% decomposing gang member, 1% ancient DDT and 1% water. Certainly not that primo River Thames / 80,000 lines proof.

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