November 01, 2005


Did anyone else read this Maureen Dowd bit about feminism's "failing" in the Times? I do not know whether it's like just dour prognostication, like the kind of thing divorcee's say to you drunk at wedding receptions, or if it's like The Q Gospels--the truth that no one is speaking. I have to go to the library right now (late fees are a bitch), but I will comment further on this later, but my theory is loose right now, but it has to do with Clintonian comfort--we thought we could rest, capitalism and getting power and status that is otherwise being denied women still, that the feminist backlash of the 80's became more insidious as time goes on, the popularity of home-maker reclaimative chic (keeping house, knitting, the boom of conventional marriage industries). I think it is less feminism's fault as it may have to do with market force trends and capitalism and options and that it took Bush in office to snap us from our dream-sleep. I think she is right about needing a new Betty Friedan, a somethign that galvanizes women. I think the polarized ideas about duty and morality moats some of the women that feminism needs to reach most, and then there is always like, Susan Sarandon in the new issue of BUST saying she has stopped identifying as a feminist ("I prefer humanist") because people get "the wrong idea" -- they associate feminism with "pushy" and hardline and that detracts from her ability to further her political agendas. Also, Dowd's argument, to me seems really steeped in a New York-y media awareness and ideal of achievement and place, that to me is very East Coast. The midwest, we are a little more insulated, patriarchy is not twisted or quiet and underground--it's in the bars and on the streets here more. Also, her resigned tone is totes against my bell hooks-ian fight the badness with hope and love steez that i think is key to rising feminism from the oceanic leagues where the good ship is laying, treasure-full, ya know?

Ok, so...
Read it, then lets discuss. Send me email-comments and I will post em. Discourse, dialogue, discourse, dialogue.


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