October 29, 2005


Something is totally up with these Boston kids. I think they are in high school or just graduated from. They are in some weirdo gang dedicated to "fun" and hobby music. The gtr part on The Futz' "Santa is Dead" is the best thing to happen on my computer all week. The Futz are friends with Ed In The Refridgerators , which is a twee band that dresses in full pope regalia (solos+conical hats!)-- and shares a member with a band you might know about Harry and The Potters who are all HP all the time and has something to do with National Awesome Society , which may or may not be name of their cadre. Possibly the most earnest quipping ever/possible manifesto for the whole thing: Jason Anderson's pre song monologue about the commerce and emptiness of going to shows (" I want to make this the best Thursday night of the whole month!"). Only second to Tony Gong's "Boyfriend Material".

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