October 26, 2005


I saw 11 or just four people today and they said "I been looking for Hit it or Quit it and have not found it! I read on yr blog that it is out." You wanna know where you can find it? My house, tomorrow. Not sure what time, but the tracking info says that 1209 copies are showing the fuck up to my porch.

Speaking of zine distro: It's all true, IPA, who own Big Top, like the six major alt-magazine stockists that went down before them (since 1999 or so), has given notice to it's magazines that it cannot pay them what they are owed, and does not know when it can. IPA/BT are the primary distributor for Venus, Punk Planet, Tikkun, Bitch, Color Lines, Heeb, Herbivore, MRR, National Socialist Review, Curve, LiP, Wax Poetics, Giant Robot, In These Times, Index, Tablist, Clamor, Anthem, Murder Dog, Mother Jones and the exciting sounding but heretofore unknown to me Biblical Archaelogy Review, amongst about 40 others. Who knows if this will force some of these titles to go on hiatus or whether another distro will spring up and take folks in.

Also, it's currently bottom of the 8th inning, and lets keep in mind what Mayor Daley said on the radio today, to Sox fans about keeping it in check, regarding celebrating if the Astros get beat-- "Don't go kill anyone." He knows his southside.

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