October 20, 2005


The Slits/Liz Phair reviessay is out. You gotta scroll down to "music" and it'll give you the PDF.

Oh, I am in Los Angeles, and I do not know whether it's the memory lanes I had to roll on today, or if it was the coffee on the Denver layover, or the long ums and senselessness of the KXLU DJ pledge drive begginessm, but my heart beat is unduly elastic feeling. Drum n' bass scroinging, like a pop-pop-pop. Coincidence is my caper, stupid fucking city with yr smoggy scrim: Hold Steady tonight, just found out. Tomorrow, introduce my boyfriend to my father, introductions all around, and then, then off to the desert for a nerd date that I wish would last into infinity, but is only for the weekend. Fuck urbanity, internet fighting and wireless communications-- lets hear it for donkey messengers, fire from slapped rocks and holding hands and never letting go ever.

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