October 19, 2005


Microcosm, America's most reputable punk zine distro, announced they have stopped using American Apparel for their t-shirts, and are now using AS Tees .

And, the word is official. Hit it or Quit it in stores circa Wedsnesday. Or you can order it online . NY: ask for it at Bluestockings. Chicago: Ask for it at Quimbys. Or, better yet, ask for it at Reckless , as they still do not stock it. (That's what you get for making fun of Steve Albini in 1996, kids. You get "86'd from the scene."*)

(I was reminded the other night of the lineage of the popular Chicago vocabulon "86'd from the scene" -- a notorious local scenester, a cowboy-booted coke dealer, widely reputed as the dude in town who will get with yr ex-gf during her drunken rebounding spree, the man being referenced when you hear a boy yelling into his phone outside a bar "YOU FUCKED OUR DEALER?!" -- sooooo, that man, once, after being bitch slapped to the ground outside The Rainbo amidst a drunken fracas involving someone's girl, kicked the guy who hit/slapped him, and kicked him in the balls with a pointy-toed cowboy boot no less, and while the groin-kicked man lay writhing in pain on the ground, the bitch-slapped coke-dealer skeezball yells "YOU ARE 86'D FROM THE SCENE, MAN!" and runs back inside.)

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