October 18, 2005


I forgot to link--I wrote about THE EX this week in City Pages which "secretly" references my two favorite The Ex songs and also, just for fun, M Scott Peck.

Brendan Fowler, progressive mind in motion, writes with a suggestion for those deeply disturbed by the employee bloje-a-thon of American Apparel. Alternative Apparel -- tiny company that manufactures on demand.

There are so many companies and record labels that are all about American Apparel, that tides changing might take a while, and for more options to present themselves--maybe this is time for you to start up some choice alternative. If you are willing to say peace out and not support American Apparel, it also very much might means saying peace out to buying say, The Mountain Goats t-shirts, and telling Mountain Goats, or Spoon, or Deerhoof, or Bun B or whomever, at the merch booth, that you would like to buy a shirt, but.... Because the band may not know whats up, and maybe they do not want to be down either. Casual awareness can build a concensus. Or maybe our re-directed t-shirt/sweat-pants/thong monies can build another business,one where manufacturing employees get 12-15$/hr & benefits AND retail and management employees do not get sexually harrassed. Right wing religous boycott campaigns remind us--throwing the weight of yr dollars around works. Are you willing to forgoe comfort-cottons and buy yr hoodies/dog's hoodies elsewhere in order to express yr feminist hope? Do it. Say yes. Stop buying yr dogs clothes from a mysogynist!

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