October 18, 2005


Talk of the town:

I resent being called "fall down drunk"!
Well you were wasted, and you fell, twice, dude.
I did?!
Yeah, you stood up from the couch, fell, then stood up, said "GO SOX!" then stumbled into the door jamb.


He had had a revelation, while we were in Fargo, on mushrooms, that I was the one perfect one, and that we should get married. I fell asleep, but when I woke up, he had been up, high, the whole time, and proposed. He said he could make me happy.
I thought you guys were friends.
We are.
Had it ever gotten beyond that? Had you ever even gone to the boneyard with him?
No, we never even got to the gates of the boneyard.
Ooh, denied at the gates of the boneyard.


Ok, in the second to last graph, the phrase "chart-gunning loads"--in what sense do you means "loads"?
In the porno sense.
You mean--?
Yes, loads as in ejaculate. You think that "loads" will make it past top edit, or do we need to get technical?

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