October 14, 2005


Addendum 10/28: post forthcoming, in regards to the 2 hour convo with Dov himself. Check back.

While we are on the topic (suicidegirls.com) of skeezy dudes using a using pro-sex/female-positive smoke screen on their business': It's about a week old item, but, more info is out on American Apparel owner/figurehead Dov Charney and the sexual harrassment suits from employees here , due to him being sued by an insurance company. The story from Jane Magazine referenced here , where he gets a bloje from an employee in front of the reporter, who, also, consentually, allowed him to masturbate in front of her eight times during the reporting of the story (wtf?). Multiple harrassment suits are currently on the table, all alledging that Charney created a sexually hostile work environment, exposed himself to employees, , gave employees gifts of sex-toys, used derogatory language/words for women, etc.,--see link below.

An article/interview w/ Charney from the August issue of The Jewish Journal :
"At the same time, Charney acknowledged in a series of interviews behavior that pushes the bounds of what is conventionally acceptable in a modern workplace. He speaks openly about having consensual sexual relationships at work, and claims that he is inspired to do better work when surrounded by women with whom he has relationships. More then that, he says his aggressiveness and his sexuality is the fount of his creativity even the key to his success. "Im being demonized for being a human being, Charney told a reporter. Its very simple.... This is 2005, sex is now part of the fashion industry. I admit I am passionate. I dont think I go over the line. Sexuality and sexual words become part of the daily banter of work life in any free society."

Also, really great blog Pogo Princess about living feminist punk every day. Minneapolis represent.

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