October 12, 2005


I was on public transport with a crazy-ma today. She complained to the entire bus that, her baby, age 6 months, kept drinking all her Sprite.

"What?!" she said, resentful, to the baby bobbling its wobble-head in the stroller. The baby, non-verbal, had no defense to her mother's accusations.
The mom explained to the jr high girls, whom she had just displaced from their seats, that the baby would not drink "the babyjuice" and just keeps drinking up all her Sprite. She then lifted her large strofoam cup and put the straw to the greedy mouth of her Sprite-loving babe. After the baby finished up the Sprite, the mother held the cup on display, and shook the cup, letting the ice be known. "See!" she said to no one in particular, evidencing the baby's utter lack of self control. The mother popped open the cup and chomped on the ice loudly with an open mouth, and then, turned and asked the baby sternly "Why won't you drink your babyjuice?" She then handed a lidded bottle of baby formula ("babyjuice") to the baby. The baby threw it to the floor. The mother looked up to the bus, for confirmation-- "See! She's got no common sense!"

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