October 11, 2005


Stoked is one way to put it: I am now writing for the unfadeable Plan B, a fearless British mag-o-fanzine helmed by Everett True and Frances May Morgan, that has great art direction to boot. It is still kinda hard to find in the US most of the time, but it is so worth it the import pricing. I think most music magazines and the writing within them to be destructive, degenerative, that it's most regular notions are most frightening, it's like an avian bird flu of the mind. Like the I'll-bite-your-pussy guy , but in product on the page form. Plan B is one of the few exceptions.

And, we are pleased to announce, plus also too: The Suicide Girls DVD is tame and a touch boring, and as Julianne and I both agree: not unlike an episode of The Monkees but with full frontal nudity. The asian girl with the hula-hoop was my favorite part. She made up for the perdurable scenes of slow pans on Snow in a bowler hat, clomping like a lead footed spider, exaggeratedly tossing her stripey hand socks off with a real dramatic flair .

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