October 10, 2005


Miles on Jamie Liddell and why one man bands are rarely good .

Julianne and I are co writing a pc, on the Suicide Girls DVD. She has watched. I have not. Shit is due tomorrow. I have stalled for like, 5 weeks now. I know it is going to make me feel terrible. People have forewarned me. I stopped buying the SG's tagline of queer empowerment about 2 years in, and then just felt ambigous about it, until later, an ex introduced me to his bevy of SG model friends. Only one of them would ever look me in the eyes. They could look dudes in the eyes, they knew how to work within the male gaze. He had given me the outside directive that I could "save" them, have some posi impact and bring some bell hooks love ethic rehash to them, crest their fourth wave with some old fashioned 2nd and 3rd wave. You know yr in troouble when you engage my Joan of Arc complex. You know yr in for convoluted conunndrums when yr a Dworkinist hanging with a cutter who is makes a living on 'porn-powerment. I do not know, as a feminist, if it's the best thing for me to be strident about pornography and the women who are involved in it? The women i know who have been involved in all sex trades, legal and illegal, never did it because they were in a good place or because that was their first option--be it porn, hooking or stripping. But I want to resist further shaming of women doing it, because all womens struggles should be included under the umbrella of feminist struggle. Cutting off sex-work girls like some leprosied appendage is not an option, especially if it's just in order to tidy up our agendas.

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