October 04, 2005



Before, anyone, anyone at all, spakes about Coco Rosie again, lets put some basics on the table:

1. Wearing a drawn-on moustache does not make a band "gender bending"
2. Imitating Billie Holliday does not make a band "jazzy"
3. White people using the n-word in song, does not make them "old timey" -- it makes them racist. (The exception to that being in the context of concept records taking down the South.)
4. The summed musical power of Coco Rosie could light a 15-watt decorator bulb, maybe.
5. If you find that Coco Rosie is "indescribable", "indescribably original" may we suggest you go with Terry Sawyer's description from last week's East Bay Express: "Coco Rosie sounds like Poltergeist's Carol Anne holding a Fisher-Price tent revival"

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