October 03, 2005


Julianne puts our weekend in a headlock. The world is small, and so are we. Right now she is riding the miniature train through the living room of my mansion, we're having a great time.

And yes, JR is the best--his Hunter S is only second to his Martin Mull. But the Hunter-lettres gonzo was entirely outdone by the SPIN alt-90's rekkid guide, in which Eric Weisbard gave a Terence Trent D'arby album a 9 (memo: "Will Bang for Crossanwich" has been supplanted by "Neither Fish Nor Flesh Por Vida"--how does that hindsight taste?) The old SPIN record guides will make you feel all of yr thousand years: fiery Terri Sutton's 1200 words on say, every record Howe Gelb ever played on in the eighties, zesty analysis of the potential of early Team Dresch singles, to the redonk-firethousand-blintzes of, say, Charles Aaron's mid-Dre digression into the genius the man put into the Michel'le record, with it feministy posi-tones. You will have flashback to waking from yr baby-days, back in the cave in Lascaux when reading it. Totes "Good Ol' Days", pre OTM on ILM or 8.8 on Pfork stakes.

On the hey-hey:JR insists he's going to be updating his blog "soon" , so watch the skies.

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