October 02, 2005


Julianne just fell asleep midsentence. Her hand is on her head like how metal dudes hold chalices on the cover of records, but her pinky is suspended about 1/4th of an inch from her eyelid. I am wondering if maybe I should fold her finger up under her hand so she does not poke her eye out, ala Angry Samoans "Lights Out", while she sleeps.

Today we rode so much bikes, and I am pretty sure I am showing her a mild time for big city options, but if I lived in New York, I'd need a break from that thrice-speeded-up pace of it all, the hard traffic, the subway's rumble and the weltering whelm, ya?

Come to a place of paved prairie and we'll spend all day in the bike lane, and resolve that city-borne angst. Chicago barely cares.

Tonight at the party, a local band-of-the-scene dude told us about how in 1991, he found a human bone, a bag of bloody clothes and some license 25 yr old liscence plates in his back yard, buried and he threw them away, because it was 1991 and cops did not care then and neither did he.

Seriously, it's fucking casj.

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