September 29, 2005


Good news. We're in love. We said it.

Like you just said it now?

Today, in the car. The first time. The official memo was issued.

I thought that was a given. I thought you guys are already living together with six kids in a castle in the woods. Well... practically.

No. I think I hastened it because I told him I "loked" him last night. I chickened out half way through so it came out as very serious pronouncement "Matt. I you." He kept teasing me and telling me "loked" me too, until today he said it said it.

Loke is the best.


Julianne Escobedo-Shepherd, the reason I routinely go over my anytime minutes, arrives tomorrow for a weekend visit. I was up late, reading the cookbook to come up with something special to make her ( does she like onions?). When she comes here, we are going to the outsider art show and also, ride bikes. She can have the big one with the baskets, which is the better one, because she is the guest. I will stick to the lowrider bike, which is a magic thing dark green metallic and banana seat'd, special for it's half broken pedal and one-only handlebar sparklestreamer routinely losing streams. As Al used to say, the lowrider bike makes me look tuff, like I knocked off a nine year old from the playground across the street, for their ride. If you wanna RSVP ride time with us, jus' holler. J-Shep has hair like a museum door Lion, I bet it looks great in the bike wind. (Also, J-Shep has requested "dancing" and a "craft night", if you are interested in either.)

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