September 28, 2005


I was driving to Evanston, in Matt's van, since I am still carless, still touched a bit by the Post Traumatic Car Crash Stress Heart Jumps when cars stop fast. I was thinking about how, since my insurance people only want to give me enough settlement to buy a well-oiled rollerskate, rather than a replacement Toyota, maybe I should just stop driving. Maybe I could find a way to have a hamtrack protecting me wherever I go, as when I am on my bike, I am constantly aware "there is no seatbelt on this." I was ruing the driving while my heart flopped like a hooked fish. I was listening to Portastatic, the song "I only wanna know girls" where Mac sings about dudes ruining everything, and how his love is like an uzi, it weighs a ton, and I know other writers called that cheesy, but I dream of songs of male feminism tangled with romantic love for your wife-love as dedicated, aware and fierce as Chuck D. C'mon! Not Cheesy! Great! And I was thinking "No, I cannot be a non driver, because I often have to go non bike distances every week, I do not drive that much and and I just learned how to drive five years ago, and it's too soon to give up"

And then there was this truck. This big truck, blocking me in, blocking me in funny, staying on my front right. I am annoyed and look up and the dude driving is staring at me, mouthing something back at me in his mirror. And he stayed that way the whole four miles back to Matt's house, circling back and catching up with me when I would turn, all the while engaged in an act that the police officer later filed as "Sex Offense Other". (It's good he stayed right next to me, it made it easy to get all the information off the side of his truck.) I got out of the van to pick Matt up, and as we are crossing-back to the van, explaining what was happening, he was furious, and then like magic, the man in the truck came back, still circling the block where I parked. Matt stood in the middle of the road, Tieneman style, in front of the truck. The dude stopped, then drove around him.
It was scary.
All of it.

I am definitely getting a human sized Hamster run-ball.

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