September 26, 2005


Joan Didion's death book excerpted in the Times magazine . Comes out October 4th, mark yr calenders--I have two copies on order, one for me and one for my baby sis, who cannot find a decent English language bookstore in Barcelona and says she's been re-reading Salvador in anticipation. And in the inter-time til, if you have not caught up with J-Diddy, via her 2003 California-memoir (repetitive, though useful insofar as you discover how much her life was the basis for the pulp of Run River, and why she is fascinated by dams and irrigating watersystems)--do so if just to read her chapter on Orange County; her SPUR POSSE then and now is the closest she goes to the boil of indictment.

Also: as far as music is concerned--I really like it.

I just got the Avie Sands album reissue--well worth the $16.99-she's like Dusty w/out the subtlety. On the cover she is on her bike, half-posed and cruising at at a delicate 4 mph, past a fallow, golden field. Her 1970's hair all Jhirmack'd Volumizing Sheen with a heavy side part-- motionless as she speeds by. She has two side mirrors, wheel friction-powered lamps, and a wicker front mounted basket that is quintuple the size of her head and a tire pump . She's not just a for-fun biker, she's like a one-lady Critical Mass. The art on the album projects many Evies, beyond that of proto-bike liberationist: on the back she hides her big teeth and looks pouty--her face super-imposed on six wagons. Inside back cover, she is shoeless, on a swing--seemingly hung from the sky-- her tunic pants suit draping her like a shower curtain--her eyes cast down, looking near tears. In her other shot, her hair is bouf'ed up and cascading like a lava flow, locks shading her eyes, she holds a frightened looking kitten in her arms. Why doesn't anyone make album art like this anymore? Why do all the girl-singers get posed close to the lense with glosslips parted? Never in pants that don't fit right! Never alive with mid-bike ride whimsy, kicking it on a 3-speed cruiser in flat sandals!?

Special to BA in LA: Jesus Christ, Bets, take him back already ! I have known the dude more than half my life and never seen him so pitiful and wrecked. And that's really saying something because I even knew him back when he had needles in his arms, was barfing on the sidewalk outside of Jabberjaw and wearing half shirts like a cholita. Please, show some mercy, girl.

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