September 23, 2005


There is gendered discourse on rap and rap crit and crit of crit over on Julianne's blog, Cowboyz n Poodles.

The binary of right/wrong or legit/illegitimate is not actually a purposeful or constuctive critique, and though Hammond claims authority by stating he's a feminist, it's a heirarchacal standard he's playing by. Plus the insistance that she put her "bias on the table" and she illegitimizes herself as a journalist by not giving "complete and thoughtful analysis"--is some Bill O Reilly fire sale doctrine. Dude is all about the hypocrisy: stating that mysogyny in hip hop is inexcusable, though in the following sentence he excuses it with "freedom of speech/art", implying that her feminism taints the purity of her criticism, though, he himself has applied his own critical, feminist-protocol to his review of David Banner's album, he believes that Julianne not discussing Banner's single, one he sees as"mysogynistic", betrays a sneaky feminist agenda, though he previously "there is nothing wrong with a feminist agenda." Um, what?

And though it may sound like biological essentialism, what I am talking about as fundamental rift is all social-culture: Dudes are taught to socialize themselves via competition and heirarchy. And as we can witness, it's a bum out for all involved. Male gender culture defines masculinity and success (same thing) by being above someone else, by having "authority" and "answers" and making sure everyone knows it. Mr. Hammond, if you are reading this, please know, feminism can actually liberate you from this crippling dicotomy-enforcement. Feminism is not just about us girls having orgasms, equal pay and the right to vote. Feminism is about all of us being peers--the whole wide world. With feminism, you do not have to live yr life cowboying around the internet duck-duck-goosing on the legitimacy-tip to prove you are "a real critic": you can be free. That is feminism's promise to us all.

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