September 21, 2005


Today, Meg came over and we clipped 10 years of my writing out of Punk Planet back issues, in order to "archive" them. Archives that will be handy when I need to revisit the frequency with which people cried when I interviewed them, all Barbara Walters style: (three: Smart Went Crazy, Atmosphere and Mick Barr from Crom Tech (what?!)) or how many times I have written the same column ("Oh fuck you punk patriarchy!" is totes complicated, and may in fact, at times, demand 10-12 varying articulations.))

Anyhow, amidst the clipping, we stumbled upon the 1998 interview with me, in PP, conducted by ol' pal Josh Hooten . I could not even skim past the second question, because who wants to read a on-the-record convo between yr best friend and yr 22 yo self, when yr mouthily talking much shit about nothing of any import and or hating on Chris Leo, "calling out" Rye Coalition -- but there in answer two, the accidental/sad/telling mantra of my mid-20's, when Josh asks about my "rep" for being harsh, I dismissively reply:

"Being liked is so ineffectual".

Holy crap.

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