September 21, 2005


Becky Smith spells tomorrow in a major way Tracy and The Plastics breaking down the walls that say you can't. Heed the hope of ther dedicated feminist: "While 2005 is all about destroying heirarchies, the work might last into 2006 as well."

You never really know how few people are actually committed to destroying the accomodating power-paradigm in show settings and band settings and music production settings or fanzine-magazines until you start to try, even a little bit. People brustle with bands playing on the floor, and call polemics and political ideas in art "pretentious", like living your hope is somehow "not real" and that we should be more cynical and not have varying dreams for a future, "ostentacious" or otherwise. How about our dream-future liberated; the ribbon cutting ceremonies for our community art lives-with the giant scissors and meanings of deep import ?! Those ideas started little and were acornily-seeded at shows or in zines, and so me must care, and we should start from there.

I think people are just afraid of paradigm shift interuppting their cash flow. Most of us are complicit in heirarchy--so that worry is not un-founded, so it's natural for people to want to shut down or thwart the dream of ... It's the most honest American reaction one could have, really: being down as long as comfort is not impeeded.

Right now, I feel like my whole dream and waking life is a "How do I/we get there? What can I do right now to be doing THAT work of getting THERE and CLOSER TO THERE?" (her there, my there, poor people there) query. How can Hit it or Quit it, a non professional magazine amongst friends, be a better example of non sexist writing, one that goals gender parity, where men are not demonized failures and women are not lesser than.

Yesterday, I was sitting on a ladder in the yard, talking on the cellphone to Julianne Shepherd, who makes the magazine with me, about how is it possible that HIOQI is the only musiks magazine that we know or see that does not disparage/illegitimze acts by citing teenage girl fandom, or that "it's something my mom would listen to"-- hammering home the idea that girls and women have that they are indiscriminate, and like what they like for "lesser" reasons ("Most folks donít seem to want to believe that one can be struggling for justice and into nuanced cultural perspectives, aesthetics, and the vernacular at the same time"- sez bell hooks )-- ie. for visual reasons or surface-reasons, and not the "deeper" reasons that exist to like J Geils Band/Kelly Clarkson/King Kong/Jo Jo Gunne/Hausipungo. We can still be critical, music critical, and not engage heirarchies. We can find new ways to make and publish and promote our work, our art and our ideas, and it does not have to be hard. We just have to start. I am trying to start right now. Start with me. We start by starting and we just keeping going.

Also, if yr media player supports: Cornel West on Katrina and revolution.

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