September 12, 2005


Passing ship "Russell Troyer" writes with a hot link to be enjoyed by Lungfish afficianados, a sure treat for the old and super duper old alike: Something I Learned Today Mp3 blog de punk posts the entire Reptile House single , which you can listen to right here on the internet, for free --nothin' beats that!

In other news, less Dan Higgs obsessive related news: 10 years ago tomorrow was the last time I was drunk/high. Actually, 10 years ago tomorrow was the last time I was super hung over. Ten years ago right about now, I was getting shitfaced with a man who was once outdrank pre-sobriety James Hetfield at a bar that I only remember as being shiny gold and white blurry. I remember the shoes I was wearing (6 inch vintage wooden heeled platform wedges, sparkly ruby slipper tops) and that I was drinking on an empty stomach. I do not remember so much of the night, or the weird-seizurry-episode that went down, such is the nature of a blackout, though I remember the "If I live through this, God, I promise I will never drink again," bargain I struck the next day. The last time I was high was around my birthday, the previous week, at a wedding in the NorCal woods where a bunch of decade-older ex skater painter weirdos and I were at a wedding of my bf's friends. I was gifted all-i-could-smoke crippler-weed and various and sundry pills, and then was left unattended and proceeded to eat an entire pound of dried seaweed, which is like 6 real pounds in yr stomach once re-animated, which was so much nutrition my body rebelled an in a bit of foreshadowing, I spent, again, untold hours vomitting green sea vegetable.

Did you like that story, with all the barfing? It's not exactly like, James Frey's Million Little Pieces, I know. No Kitty Dukakis shame regret guilt embarrasment cycle or sneaking sips or seeking solutions from over the counter/under the kitchen sink solutions . Just: I stopped drinking and my life got way better, I got a lot done because I was no longer warming barstools in my free time and I remember my early 20's entirely. Also, I no longer had anything to blame my asshole behaviour on, nor my (often, but not always) poor choices in boyfriends.

And now, for the exciting conclusion: In the morning, I leave for five days at the Oregon shore, no internet, no telephone, just me, my dude, and books and books and books and Scrabble and a bikini and flip flops. Nevermind CMJ--Heres The Vacation!

BTW, If you email my your address by 3pm CST tomorrow, I will send you a postcard though. Promise. Postcards and letters are like blogs but smaller, trust me, you'll love it.

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