September 09, 2005


Spent the morning combing sites and papers again. It takes me about two days to ramp up to the task of baring distant witness to the deracination. I am not sure how you cycle your news, if you are like, you are in when you are in, following every link, comparing the leads for the newswires and hitting refresh on the National section. And then it is 5 hours later and yr internals are quaking and yr prayers for the bereft are bitter, and you wonder if routing yr fury through (mere) donation and the spiritual outbox is anything at all. Feeling the guilt of distance and position--that I have the option of paying attention. It is nothing, but it is a question.

The floodwaters are just something in my dreams at night, the staging ground for usual dream gamut: fear, sex, loathing, the bizarre, work anxiety. I have a repeating-theme dream, where I find treasure/a telephone I want in a thrift store. Now all the usual scenarios play out in ankle deep black water.

Tomorrow, at least for Chicago-folx, airs the New Orleans tale on This American Life . Check local listings.

Out today, in the Reader, is a bit of reportage I did on StoryCorps . Also, a hyperbolic write up on the Portastatic and Tenement Halls show tonight 9/9 at The Bottle. The new Portastatic album is Mac's new trick, and it's just what you want. Well, it's what I want: grown up and classy that's visceral, tons of ripping solos and a song disavowing the patriarchy. Temement Halls is Chris Lopez of The Rock*a*Teens whose first album, Cry (it's on Daemon, not Merge) is about the only CD from 1997 I am still holding on to (officially: the other was Van Pelt, and I traded it last week). While we are on the topic of "music": One man band BBQ played a roaring, soulful-blare set to all of 50 folks last night at The Bottle. I bought the shirt, the one of the baby getting hit with the hammer. Not really hit. Touched with a hammer. Implied touching with a hammer.

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