September 06, 2005


Seriously, the links you have been looking for, with handy "what they do" chart for where you can donate for from Sparkplug for "grassroots/low-income/people of color-led" orgs in and around Biloxi, Houston and Louisiana. Link courtesy of Becky Smith, the lady in MO with an M.O. I accidentally read section one of USA Today while waiting to board the plane, and to put it simply, I hope in the coming America-on-America war, that the editors and reporters that are feeding this classist, racist, compasionless, unquestioning parade of white-righteous blinders-on sabotage get the brunt of what they are helping brew. And I say that as the daughter of two editors.

I know, I know, it is not the Christian thing to wish people get strung up, their good fortunes and white benefit reversed and that they will be the ones who have to wonder where is god? when their neighboorhood is lined with inert bodies. I am supposed to pray for them, so that they learn some lesson and use their power for good and not evil, pray for their hearts to break so that they cannot look away, and must report on exactly what it looks like when centuries of American Racism is brought to flower.

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