September 02, 2005


The "president" being a moronic racist fuck and hugging folks and giving em the stoic stepdad line he copped from a poster at the dentists office "hang in there" - not a surprise, not even a shock. That's to be expected. That no matter how bad anything gets, his pithy bullshitting of "it's not acceptable", and "we'll deploy the assets"--and his repeated lines of we will rebuild, America will be better for it , betraying his future-think of a true capitalist zealot-- yes, job loss and alla that, but how about food and water instead of the sententious "Terra will rise again!" aphorisms on the White House Lawn. He shows about as much compassion and emotion as the animatronic bear that plays banjo in the Chuck E Cheese band. And it is easy to wonder, if there were 20,000 white people trapped and suffering and dying preventable deaths (anywhere, let alone in America), if the news every night and in the paper in the morning was sobbing white babies, not old black ladies -- would his rhetoric be the same, would they be left to rot in such a manner? What assets would be deployed then?

And also, we save a special fuck you to photo editors at national news-wire services (except my dad) who are feeding us choice images, now, every day, ripe pictures of folks looting liquor stores and Foot Locker outlets only.

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