August 30, 2005


I spent a few hours today down on the lawn of the Field Museum, talking to the people doing the Story Corps mobile recording trailer. Technically, I think I was "reporting" - I used a little notebook that says "reporters note book", to take my notes, so I guess that made it official. If you live in America, you should make an appointment for when they come near you, to record an interview with someone. Today on the NPR, they aired one of the Stopry Corps Chicagoan-lifetales, this one was from a local blind comic. He spoke about, how, as a teenager - he was rapidly going blind, and he used his blindness to get over on as many chicks as possible. Because in the immediate post coital moments, those were the only times he did not feel blind. And now that story gets indexed and logged in the Library of Congress, so when someone is researching the lives of the visually impaired, they can find out that you don't have to be able to see to be a player. (I would like to suggest that this dude's life story would make a great film -- It should be like 8 Mile as a Farrelly Brothers comedy, with lots of gags involving blindness and ejaculation.)

One of the women who recorded today, she interviewed her dad about coming to America. Once to me, and twice to the recording facilitators, the identified herself as "an elected official (stern silence, pause, period)"-- I was cracking up. Not to sound too Holden Caulfield, but I think that being elected, officially,or otherwise, is the last thing in the world I would brag about. I wanted to ask her "But what, really, does either "elected" or "official" mean in 2005?". But, whatever, invoking democratic process like it actually exists just as redonk/imaginary-land saying "I blog. Professionally ."

PS1000: IF YOU ARE IN BROOKLYN OR MANHATTAN on SEPT 1st (this Thursday) go see Des Ark play. Durham art core duo, and they play on the floor, not the stage. The stage for most bands is not even needed. Destroy band-audience boundries and the hierarchcy of the stage in 05 and beyond! Also, Aimee has a voice like PJ live-direct froma ward at Bellevue. It'll give you shivers and make you love things. She is eminently replacing your gtr heroes with her strutting, swaggering and ripping riffs. I saw them play in SF and NC in the last 11 months and every time I just thought, in a dream state, that I need to practice the bass much much more and then I will lure Aimee north and we could have some sort of wizardry tech-virtuoso blitz band, a Mars Volta for teen queer girls to believe in. GO SEE THEM PLAY WHILE YOU CAN!

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