August 29, 2005


Fell asleep with my unicorn-face pressed into a garage sale'd copy of Brave New World, prior I was half-laffin at Huxley's introduction, the part where he hates upon academia. I dreamt of driving Joni Mitchell in a cab. I woke trying to shake the cloud of uninspiration and end of summer blues off, which is just a hang over from spending all day yesterday at the beach with Miles and JR. 47 miles each way to Valaparaiso, to the national park Dunes, and always, next morning, I wake up kicking the covers and doing this pouty, flummoxed dance around why can't I jus' go to the beach everyday.

Meanwhile, here is a BBQ and KingKhan video to watch . BBQ is the one man garage wunder-pup Mark Sultan aka Mark Sexareeno aka the dude that sang in The Spaceshits, and he's hitting the road next week. "Waddlin' Around" is not to be missed. Dude, I stopped paying attention to garage rock when the Gories broke up, but Mark Sultan is garage soul gold.

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