August 26, 2005


I love it when grown ups put together fests, because there is only three or four bands a night, rather than 17 hardcore bands from Wheaton and the show starts at 10 am in an Elka Lodge. Plus, there is a picnic and nights that are just movies instead of bands, for the reasonable Olympia-fest touch. My friends Bill and Shea are putting it together. Valley of the Vapors Hot Springs Arkansas October 20-29th. Bill and Shea are adult punx and I used to be their regular babysitter back when they lived here (yep, that's right, terrible with adults, great with kids - who knew?) Bill and Shea did not get unpunked by parenthood, and did not get derailed by diapertime, and ouila this is their third fest of the year. River City Tanlines are the first night headliners. RCT are the best band in America. I'm going for some of it. You should too. We can take a detour to Little Rock and go see if that gazebo in the park by the river is still there, where Econochrist and Soophie Nun Squad used to play, back before they moved to the East Bay. And we can stand there, remember, remember tons of things that felt important and are now just detritous, and we will stare at the Gazebo and feel reeeeeeaaaaallllly old, and wonder about what we would be like if we had grown up here .

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