August 25, 2005


I got six long emails today so far about the NO DEAL NOISE post below, and so here are some new ideas, Cliff Notes style end of chapter discussion for the group suggestions:

1. How do you feel about lack of connection with audience (alienating via offence, not having intellgiable lyrics/just screaming) within the noise aesthetic? What noise bands do you connect with or like and why?

2. Do you think the irony/ungeniune/impotent thing (in and out of noise scenes) is a culture wide reaction to the fashionability of omnificense of emo -- a reaction to emo's coifed looks, connection to audience, connecting via lyrics, young idealistic hopeful and mad personal steez?

3. Neck bandanas being reclaimed by noise fans, no longer just the look rocked by dogs-owned-by-Crusties or ultimate frishbie playing hippies. Bandanas and tie die as the "suitcoat and tie" for 06?

(And to be clear, I do not wanna be pegged a noise-hater or that I do not get it, cos I am 'bout it bout it, and we can sit around and talk about Zorn's Kristallnacht, and Gavin Bryars and Borbetmagus and Harry Pussy til dawn, k? Peace out dot com on authoriative phallocratic discourse 4-evs.)

PS. My review of James Frey's latest novel is readable in this weeks' Reader . Cali pointed out last week that Frey's debut, Million Little Peices reads like by-the-numbers Rollins, with it's whole

Fucking Scared.

style in effect. This one is better. He's using punctuation. I did not come around on MLP until like half way through, this one is engaging from the start, and gets better once Frey is freed up from the burden of his newly sober myopia and can talk about other characters. Other than the two chapters where we are treated, every several sentences to the rundown on his gf's curves, her body, her body and James Frey's utter fondness for penetrating her. I do not have a problem with people fucking in books, but it should be graphic, and not giddily implied, and certainly we should be spared the egregious "Your Body Is A Wonderland"/"the so-loving bloje that made me bawl" in the middle of yr otherwise emotionally thuggish memoir.

That said -- the surprise ending had me crying for the last 22 pages.

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