August 24, 2005


I went to the Noise Show at the new arts-space and the memo my brain is issuing is that, officially, I am over it. It being: this whole transgressive beardo / faux-ironic/non-ironic/ ironic -- "the "mystery" of are we serious, maybe maybe not?" -- the entire scene that playfully confuses facism-chic and fashion -- is straight up wack bullshit. These bands purposefully teeter the line of "might be joking" as their aesthetic statement, so that they can, conviently dial up, and then withdraw "meaning" from "transgressive" elements. So, that, if you are offended by say, a "questionable" song about rape, or a pro-bulimia anthem or a white man in leather screaming "PALESTINE/ISRAEL/PALESTINE/ ISRAEL!" pretending all the while like it's more than a signifier, you being offended might be the point, or if you aren;t that might be the point because hey man, all they are doing is pushing controversy without context and fronting like it's actually an aesthetic statement.

But it's not. It's effete bullshit.

There is no real idea, it's totally uncommital, reactionary and puerile fakery. At best, it aims for some elusive Albini-schooled pigfuck , but, it never gets there. BECAUSE THE GUN IS NOT EVEN LOADED. It's gestures are impotent, and while the impotent gesture is supposed to be the commentary on the (supposedly) potent gesture (potent gest could be delivered by Boston or emo or Xiu Xiu or Staind) or the affectation of understood potent gesture, and the inherant offense of potent gesture as being "genuine", because music/music culture being what it is, the genuine potent gesture is actually hollow and revolting , but here is the crux -- this impotent gesture, too, is also hollow and revolting -- so how is that commentary? Is that in fact ironic, too? Does that make it post-ironic ironic irony? Where is the actual transgression taking place? OUILA -- there is no actual transgression because they are parallel things, they are both revolting and hollow fake gestures not actually commenting on anything, it's all just like, dudes miming rhetorical handjobs into infinity and beyond.

See, dudes, like Yoda says, there is no try, there is only do, and this squawky noise blast / nazi-porn-racism anti-music / Jim Goad drunk on Ivy League semiotics, Whitehouse 12's and bukkake -- it's all try and no "do" -- and I know that that, supposedly, IS your point, but like, I mean, really --HOW IS THAT A POINT IN 2005 AD? It's not.

ALSO: Is it transgressive, or is it just generational ignorance, when you ask the door guy "What does AIDS Wolf sound like?" before you lay out 5 bucks, and the merch guy-so-greasy stands on the table and yells "I can tell you this: AIDS WOLF GAVE ME AIDS! WHOOO-HOO!"? I thought "Well, his trangressive trick worked. He is trying to show how much a fuck he does not give by offending me, and it worked. I am offended by him." The band, see, they did not work because I was just annoyed and not, in fact, disgusted.

I only stayed for one band. Bloodyminded (see above) were still playing when I left. The audience was doing the nouveau-scrub tie-dye shirts/ screaming/ "we're crazy mode" with one kid with shaved in male pattern baldness sig heiling and spraying his Sparks™ everywhere and "moshing" along with a few other people portraying/mocking geniune gestures of actual excitement.

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