August 23, 2005


Can we rig it so that "Soul Finger" by the Bar-Kays plays every time I enter a room? It cannot play as I walk outside though, unless I could be surrounded by neighborhood kids on BMXs high fiving me in slow motion. If that was my outside song, I would have to fix up my walk. My shit is all crooked. In my dreams, where my life is more like a Bones Brigade video, I get everywhere by skateboarding and there is no sound, only side one of Bad Brains Rock For Light blasting.

On my so-omnificent-tip, I will be on NPR's ALL THINGS CONSIDERED tomorrow night, that's Weds Aug 24th, commenting on America's favo party band, YE OLDE HOLD STEADY. When Al and I went to NPR in DC to tape the shizz, when we were on reading tour, he said I made Hold Steady sound like the worst band ever in my description. I think I said something really awful that only the band will find complementary, like "Steely Dan narratives over like, punked up, like, um, J Geils Band" to be exact. You know, you never realized how inarticulate and squeaky your voice is, or how bad a state-combo a Minnesota-cum-California accent is, until you are in some hi-tek soundproof NPR booth and all you can think is "Has Cokie Roberts ever sat in this chair?"

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