August 18, 2005


Moved locations, and am now staying with my friend Jonah, who is only home overnight in between tours. We both leave for tour tomorrow (Jinx!). So far, totes eventful. Jonah did some recording as part of his unique recordings project. Special versions of two songs and (I think) a cover, with a special dedication, purchased for some people who are getting married (much better than a 16 speed Oster blender!). Since his place is small, I could not be all clikclicktypey in the background of marriage-song, so I hung out in the bathroom and picked at some zits and dreamt of the day when my drumming transitions from "Ultimate Beginner Basics" to more, like, Bonzo's Montreux. Needless to say, my fantasy life is incredibly rich.

At lunch, Jonah asked me why I was going on this tour. I have 55 complicated reasons for everything, but this one is mostly playing out as "because I can", because I like Nedelle, because if I am going to write and write yelling about JOIN A BAND GIRL then I need to be on that path myself. I also go back and forth from thinking punk rock and music and YE OLDE UNDERGROUND needs more ladies up in it, to help salve and wreck shit beautiful, to thinking LET THOSE BOYS WITH THE TATTOOS DROWN IN A SEA OF THEIR FUCKING AWFUL ALBUMS AND THEIR RANCID RAP DREAMZ AND THEIR BILOUS, PHALLOCRACTIC NONSENSE . I may be angry, sure, but I am testing the waters just the same.

And because I am trying to un-ingrain these ideas of "TECHNICALLY GOOD" as being tops on the heirarchy. I am say "eff-off" to the heirarchy, to win/lose/top/bottom binaries and dicotomy, to good=right, to technical=legitimating. 2005 is about doing things I am not already good at. In this case, that is playing drums. Sure, I have played drums in CHI-BOOGIE'S MOST LEGENDARY PARTY BAND SINCE PETER CETERA WENT SOLO, A Billion Dollars, and I own a drum kit. I have played drums about 15 hours in the last year, may-be. I have played drums about 30 hours since Monday. Going on tour, it's a good way to learn. Practicing is a great place to start when it comes to playing drums. Nedelle typified my playing, when Matt asked, as "charming." This is the first time anything I have ever done has been described as charming, so I am deeply encouraged.

Also, in similarly bigger news, much more vague news: I got another job. It's a very "modern" job. Come fall, I'm getting paid to blog about PUNK ROCK. Next month, I can tell more I think, and when I do, you will pee in yr Diesels. Seriously. In the meantime, gossip to yrself about it.

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