August 16, 2005


Adam Gnade did a epic discourse, a narrative and a what the fuck, all 3000 words style on Rjyan's new record (I would note, on some "who gives a fuck?" tip, that that record is a record I promoted, but like, really "conflict of interest" is bullshit, because it's all conflict of interest and every one is everyone else friend and I entro-duced Rjyan to his wife and manage him and so what. We are all getting played by someone's nepotism and half of us are getting paid on it, and the other half resent it all, but you know what I am really saying is: YES, the blood is everywhere and it's as bad as you think and WORSE, routinely. What I am meaning to tell you is: Adam writes for Hit it or Quit it, and his writing is getting better by the sec, and HIOQI is on a Canadian book press right now, getting inked for yr everyloving autumn reading joy.)

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