August 12, 2005


It's not the best song on the album, even, but click here to download an mp3 from the upcoming Milemarker album . It is the song on the album that sounds the most old-familiar Milemarker. I like to imagine that Dave is screaming the words "And Scott La Rock / In different states!" but I do not think those are the lyrics. Word from up high is that they added a second drummer and girl who helps sing and plays trumpet. Someone on here, I have no idea who exactly, maybe new member Tony, is singing like evil-times Prince, or luded-to-the-marrow Cedric Bixler. The rest of the album is like classic Neurosis power ripping over Sonic Youth's "PCH" -- it "drops" 10/25 -- just in time for the onset of yer seasonal depression. Totally fucked, swampy and explosive, and as usual, lots of sex n' anxiety themes.Oh, Even the flute solo is heavy. The best part of the whole thing, not to spoil it for you, is when Dave screams "It's 19/9-6/you/mother/fucker!" -- a classic refrain for the ages, surely.

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