August 10, 2005


Once a man in a dream, he was a cowboy that looked like a young Lorne Greene, he sang a song to me in a sonorous tenor, and the only words were "Wild Loose'd!/ and Mercy Bound!". I thought about the song often on the last tour. Here are some pictures from the first few dates when Al and I took the trip in the car last month. Like they sing at the toy store: Welcome to my world.

Many people had crossed legs when we read at Bluestockings.

It was like this a lot. It was We Eat So Many Popsicles dot com.

Dirt Palace in Providence. They are to punk arts commune-houses what Fugazi is to bands. Every day I think, how can I live more free today, how can I live more Dirt Palace . Dirt Palace girls tag their own bathroom walls with feminist and anti-war and totes baffling slogans. It killed me. In this picture, by the trailing lights, there are giant paper birds hung. Peacocks. Flightless birds made flying.

This woman with the cone, she is my gtr heroine, Sara Jaffe. She played with us in Easthampton. I took her on an ice-cream date. Her new thing is called TAM TAM, it's improv I think. She gave Al and I home made double disc comp Cds sewn inside manilla envelopes. The sewn envelope is a true DIY packaging classic of the ages.

The sugar cup at the honor system coffee station at Flywheel. Real punx care about each others immuno-health, do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

Providence. We walked a half-hour through the woods on a path Mike knew by memory, saw very much great nature and dozens of baby toads and special flowers people knew the name-history of (do you know that word I mean?) and then suddenly we got here:
Which is the sort of place you get to and think, "If I lived here, I would come here everyday and swim for hours like it was my job." But everyday, here in Chicago, I live a miles from the free Olympic pool and it's open swims and it's lap hours and never go. And the filthy lake is open all day. And there is a park pool (kid-pee pool) and the Natorium (gay cruising) six blocks in either direction and I never go, but really, really, I promise, I would swim there every day if I lived in Providence or even in Pawtuxet.

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