August 05, 2005


Maired Case whatta woman, what a blog. Naturally, she's a Hit it or Quit it contributor. She also did a zine/ edited a zine about Juvenille Corrections center.Not Juvenille Corrections as in the editor that rewrites yr reviews and inserts terrible Blender-style puns, but Juvenille Corrections as in kid jail. Written during zine workshops by JV offenders, where they wrote about every job they had ever had, about how Lil' Wayne lyrics helped them start asking the questions: "Do I really want a baby? Is he using me?" before each time they slept with their boyfriend, about what shoes they wore on the outside -- back when they were getting in trouble on the streets of South Bend, about their parents and cousins and siblings that died died were shot died died. It is alternately very funny and sad, verging on tragic. The title of one particular essay (about depression) in there is already becoming standard usage vocabulon around the house: "Feelings of Emotion".

Email Maired about where to send yr $4 for her zine, if you did not already get yr fill from me calling you and reading passages out loud.

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