August 04, 2005


no fear.JPG

Photo of one of Pat DeWitt's "Designer Colostomy Bags". The worst thanksgiving I ever had was with Pat, his parents, his older brother , and his younger brother . It may not have been thansgiving actually, but it felt like it. Like 100 years ago or something. I had a shaved head and Pat, Pat was drawing on his eyebrows in thick black liner, two chunky upside down V's arching them above his brow ridge. Coal black and witchy. A terrible look, but sold well on the basis of the addled confidence it betrayed.

Party in my yard Saturday 8 pm. Stop by, unless yr an asshole.
Virgin Screwdrivers for all takers.
Runaway Bride will not be joining us, as she is leaving a few days early on her Vision Quest. We are ripping lines of Ol' B off each others tits as we blog. You are soooo bummed yr missing it.

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