July 29, 2005


1. I am at the library, and amidst coffin silence of mid-afternoon, someone's phone goes off: deeply polyphonic ringtone of R. Kelly's "(Ain't Nothin Wrong With a Little) Bump N' Grind" - the person is outted -- ringtone as nervy public address. The entire library - the moms, the aged men who will spend the next 4 hours here reading yesterdays Sun Times, me: we all turn around and check the dude out. The world is so delicious sometimes.

2. Tomorrow: Turing Machine is playing for effing free outdoors at Wicker Pakr, then the next day Miss Alex White. Meanwhile, across town, magas and some bands who play hate rock in their manties are playing at the Tastee Freeze parking lot way over north. I do not have addresses, but I could drive you there, but, really, I'm not going to. Just go. Chicago sucks, but is always awesome.

3. From John McPhee's geology love note book, prettiest land in my mind: "Cirques are cut, and U-shaped valleys, ravines and minarets. Parts tumble on one another, increasing, with each confusion, the landscape's beauty."

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