July 21, 2005


Washington DC: It's time to take yr mind off of Karl Rove's jockstrap and check out my driving tan in person. Come on down to our event tonight -- Look for me, I am the one that looks like George Hamilton. Al and I are reading at Infoshop - 1426 9th St NW - 7 pm

Dirt Palace's fleas and ghosts did not get me last night. The punk house that is not known as Lil Pancakes hosted a breakfast para mi and abeulito Al, pancakes and greens. They also let me answer their phone. Turned out the dude calling does a mini-label and placed ads in HIOQI circa 1999. Then it was decided that swimming was mandatory. 20 minutes in the car , then 30 minuites through the forest, trudging pine needles hills and calf deep swampiness to finally get at the cleanest clearest most secret pond this side of Woonsocket. Mike made a joke when everyone was sitting up on the rocks sunning dry that it was Houses of The Holy . I was in the water, panting, floating away. Later, I was still enough to see the pond bottom and dove for presents for our hosts: agates, quartz, broken glass. Got right in the car, drove 2 hours at top speed in a still wet bikini, made it to the Easthampton community art space in time to change clothes in the parking lot and take Sara Jaffe on an ice cream date. Sara's set was funtriffic, what a woman. Read ok. Burian read great. Bailed quick for DC, Al drove for 4 hours, listened to new Pelican album verra loud and both drummed along, put my still-swamp-muck-encrusted feets up on the dash and slept, smelled Elizabeth, NJ in a dream and woke up, presently and am now enjoying the fruits of zine sales in the form of a room at the Radisson.

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