July 19, 2005


Providence Rhode Island: 7:30 pm tonight, Tuesday the 19th, Al Burian and I read you into a happy place within. 14 Olneyville @ Dirt Palace Feminist Collective.

Remember yesterday when I said Best. Tour. Ever.? The gracious universe is pointing the buhdonkulars ray on me and turning the dial to "stun" and aside from the hours sitting in 8 mph on various Turnpikes - my heart is wowed.

I thinkevery day: How could tour possibly get any better?( Let me ponder the ways: 1. Tomorrow, I could meet a spider monkey that is wearing a fez. 2. I could get a MacArthur Genius grant for HIOQI and employ Julianne and Cali to do nothing but blog, write books about their lives and take (with me and each other) on roadtrips in a 1971 BelAir powered by recycled donut grease. 3. I could get into University of Chicago's Center for Race, Politics and Culture without even applying or retaking my SATs. 4. Slant6 and Gucci Crew reunite to play my 29th birthday next month, rivaling the most redonked Intonation fest afterparties. )

I will start at the end of our NY night: After the reading my friend Adam took me and Julianne to meet his sister, Kembra, who is known to people outside of their family for her work as/in The Voluptous Horror of Karen Black. Kembra's apartment, which is painted dark red - every room - floors, walls, bathtub, cabinets, doors and ceiling - and was chock full of props from her shows. Like an eight foot tall shark puppet, that a whole human goes inside. Or an old style coffin (that a whole human goes inside, as well). We walked in to one room and Adam said "If you think that shark is great...There used to be a giant upside down cross in here..." and then backed into it. I know what yr thinking, how can you miss a 3 foot thick 8 foot tall upside down cross in a NYC apartment? There was a coat hanging over it. Larry Livermore was with and regaled us with stories I knew from his columns - and as it turned out, that in 1968, he was squatting in the building next door, while on the run from the law and the rest of the squat was occupied by a transgender radical activist group. He is of the age that he calls Seconals "reds". Then I found a childsized spur on the ground on the way back to the car.

Before the special time with my future life partner THE GIANT SHARK PUPPET, there was our reading at Bluestockings and a bunch of friends and a bunch of strangers, about 75-80 in all, they showed up, they clapped, they put pennies in our coiffers ( is that that coiffures?). Ghosts of Punkzine past were there, including Al's friend, 7 foot tall Aaron Cometbus, whom I do not know, but he is, as the parlance goes, punk so real, that I feel like Bernard Ebbers by comparison: bougie and nervous.

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